Global Fire Technical Services


How We Help Them

Global came to us looking to build a brand new website in which their consultancy services offering would be split off from their remedial work services.

Splitting off websites into two offers a great opportunity to improve your SEO but it also brings some challenges and some risks if not managed correctly.


About This Project

As with all website development projects, it was critical that we took the time to fully understand the services and business of the client, do significant research on keywords and phrases, before proposing a website structure and SEO strategy.

The previous website had a very confused SEO and content marketing strategy, with many pages having less than 200 words of text, which is far too few for Google to rank the pages in SERPS.

The client also wanted to showcase the full service approach the company can take to fire safety, and link three separate businesses and areas – active fire safety, passive fire protection, and remedial works.

The success of this project has resulted in them using the design and process to redevelop the original site using Purple Tiger Design and digital work.