Marketing for Therapists


How We Help Them

This is more a case of how we helped ourselves!

Marketing for Therapists is part of Purple Tiger Digital with a special focus on providing digital marketing services to therapists, counsellors, and psychologists.

The website shows and provides examples of interesting design features for this sector.


About This Project

This website provides an example of what is known as a long-form home page. On a long-form home page, the entire website IS the home page. Here, the menu links use anchor text to link to various parts of the home page.

It is typically quicker (and therefore) cheaper to create long-form home pages than a website with multiple pages.

The Marketing for Therapists site is also designed to host a resource centre for all things digital marketing specific to the mental health and wellness sector. Whilst the focus is on helping therapists and counsellors improve their websites and understand digital marketing, some lessons in the resource centre may be used for other fields and industries.

You can check out the resource centre here.