Google Display Ads

What are Google Display Ads? (The simple guide)

The Google Display Network has over 2 million Webites and Google claims covers 90% of all Internet users.

Google Display Ads, as the name suggests, are graphical ads that are shown to users as they browser the internet. These are the images that you see on lots of websites – there’s various ways of targeting users, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

We’ll also include Gmail ads, which are ads that show up when you open a Gmail account and can be very effective for certain industries. They can be targeted in the same was as Display Ads.

Targeting Strategies


Google understand what people are interested and looking at around the internet. 

From this Google builds up “interests” – it’s actually a bit more technical and involves a few more aspects but let’s keep it simple.

From these interests, we can build up a profile of people that are likely to be interested in your product or services.

Google Search Terms

One very effective way of targeting customers on the Display Network and Gmail is to use what they have already searched for on Google Search. 

In a similar way to Search ads, we’ll build a list of highly targeted search terms (keywords), and include an additional list of keywords that we’ll exclude.

Specific Websites

We can build and implement a list of specifc websites that you want to target. It might be a competitors site, or it might be a site that your target market, like visits to a blog or discussion board.

Once the list is built, the ads are only shown to those people, allowing a highly targeted campaign.


Remarketing AKA retargeting, targets people whom have already been on your website but have not converted or bought something. 

You can see much more detail on how remarketing works by clicking here


As well as thinking about what people you want to include, it’s also important to focus on what you don’t want.

So we can exclude sites that contain senstive content like sex, bad language, conflict etc.  Sites that are flagged as adult or gambling.

We can also make sure the ads are only shown at the top of websites, increasing their effectiveness and reducing costs.

Precision Targeting

As well as targeting the right people and exlcuding the sites where you don’t want you Ads to show, we’ll also optimise to further ensure precision targeting. 

Location, Day of the Week, Time of the Day, Age, Mobile vrs Desktop, Gender & Income Levels are all available to be tweaked to make your campaign more effective and come as standard in all our campaigns.

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