Google Search Ads

What Are Google Search Ads? (The simple guide)

Google Search Ads allow you to get to the top of Google Search immediately. You pay each time someone clicks on your ads – hence the Pay Per Click (PPC) expression.

It works by targeting certain words or phrases relating to your business.

It’s a great way to get ahead and boost your online presence. But, if you don’t understand the process it can be a costly mistake.

How Does It Look?

You’ve probably noticed those search results with the “ad” by them. If not take a look at the example below to this to see what they look like.

You might want to search Google with some keywords relating to your industry to see what competitors are targeting, and what their messages are. Don’t worry if you don’t have time, we can do that for you.

Our 3 Step Approach to success


Highly Targeted

If you’re working on Google Search Ads, you need to be targeting the right keywords, not only the ones that generate clicks but ones that generates conversions.

However, there’s a lot more to it than just keywords. There’s location, times of the day, day of the week, gender, mobile or desktop users, age, income and combinations of all the above.

And let’s not forget negative keys, the ones you don’t want to appear for – “free” is a good start, but there’s over 100 keywords we look at adding as negatives at the start of every campaign.


Engaging Ad Copy

Once we’ve got our highly targeted audience in mind, we want to show engaging and relevant Ad Copy. The messages that makes the right people click on the ad.

This is where we spend time understanding your business to really understand what makes your visitors convert. Is it price, quality, shipping, reputation, safety, novelty?

And we’ll use extensions, so that your ads will maximise the space on the Search Engine Page.

Highly Converting Landing Pages

So we’ve found the right people, engaged them via the ads now we send them to the website. This is where it can go wrong. The page they land on needs to be relevant to what they searched and thought they where clicking on in the ad.

We we’ll work with you to make specific landing pages, if necessary, or we can help you adjust you website to increase the likelihood of conversions.

This final step is often overlooked by many in the Digital Marketing Industry, it isn’t with Purple Tiger Digital.

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What’s Included?

– Optimised Campaign & Ad-Group Set-Up

– Keyword Research

– Negative Keyword Management

– Keyword Bidding & Daily Adjustments

– A/B Split Testing Of Ad-Copies

– Extension Creation & Optimisation

– Budget Management

– Dedicated PPC Manager

– Continually & Daily Optimisation





– Bidding adjustments by:

 – Device

 – Location

– Time

– Gender

– Age

– Income

– Monthly Reporting

– Landing Page Analysis


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