Remarketing / Retargeting

What Remarketing? (The simple guide)

Remarketing (aka retargeting) is the way of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

For example on E-commerce sites you can target people whom have abandoned the shopping cart.

Remarketing works by using cookies and pixels for Facebook, don’t worry we can set these up for you, all you will need is Google Analytics set up. Don’t have this yet? It comes as standard with all our agreements

There’s a number of ways you can remarket to people.

Display Ads

This works by using Images that are then shown to previous visitors to your site. The Google Display network contains over 2 million websites and covers 90% of the Internet.

We’re sure you have noticed how some graphic ads, seem to follow you around the internet? Well this is the Google Display Ads. 

We’ve got a team of highly qualified designers ready to work with you on creating engaging on brand display ads. 


Another really effective and cool option is to retarget people on Facebook. 

It works similar to Display Ads, in that an Ad is shown to previous visitors when they browse Facebook.

But as well as cool and engaging graphics you also get to add text and messaging.  Maybe you want to add a discount to abandoned carts? 

You’ll need whats called a Facebook Pixel on your website – just a small piece of code  –  some professional graphics and the right messaging. We’ve got you covered on all of those.

Google Search

Often an overlooked option on remarketing is to the Google Search Option. 

Depending on where someone is in the buying funnel, relates to how many times someone might search Google for your product. They might have visited your site previously but not been at a stage to convert. This is where Google Search Remarketing comes into to play.

For example, you might want to increase the bidding on people whom have already visited your site, or you might want to send a different message, or give those abandoned cart visitors a discount or incentive to buy now. 


If you’ve got some cool videos and a Youtube Channel then another option is to retarget using YouTube. 

YouTube tends to be about brand awareness, developing your Brand Identity and remarketing to them whilst people browser and watch YouTube. It really helps keep your brand and products at the forefront of peoples mind.

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